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Rock Moment 4 Rock Moment 4

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars that it?

there were like 4 note lol, kinda sounded like you were using fruity loops 6 with the slayers channal, if thats the case, there is sooooooo much more you can do with that shit, its what i use for my songs, considering your only comment im going to assume that you are capable of making somthing great, and this was just a joke. im not trying to sound like an ass but its is the same thing over and over for 28 seconds.

Nasal Obstruction Nasal Obstruction

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


lol that was sweet, its to bad you dont have better samples, you should get your hands on fruity loops 6, they got a slayer channal and with that you can almost make any guitar or bass sound you want, though ultimatly it will sound fake anyway. but ya, i can tell you know what your doing, the drums sound sweet, the song itself rocks, how the f' did you make it so it sounded like the note slid down, i heard it in a couple of part. lets not forget thoughs brutal death metal vocals, they ROCKED.

DyingFuzi responds:

crap, i think i deleted fruity loops =D.. i'll try and get it again..
anyway, thanx a lot! glad you like the vocals as well!

The Black Beast The Black Beast

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

black metal meets trance?

reminds me of the interludes that cradle of filth do... a little, im still waiting for the crazy black metal song to come in as it fades out.. but i dont think its coming :(
i do give you credit for the no digitalness though i was disapointed when i read that you used pitch control on the vocals. i guess you would need to hire satan himself to get vocals that low.

himenow responds:

There's no trance there :<